Transparent Elastix 2.2 fax receiving problem


Hi all, First off all let me apologize for my English. My company use an Avaya PBX with one E1 and about 250 extensions
(phones, faxes alarms, visa card readers etc).
My idea was to install a transparent asterisk between TELCO and PBX. I use an OpenVox DE210E.
After install Elastix 2.2.0 and run dahdi_genconfig, i edit
/etc/asterisk/dahdi-channels.conf changing span 1 group from 0,11 to 0
and span 2 from 0,12 to 1. Then from gui add all the active avaya extensions as custom extension
with dial DAHDI/i2/extension-number The phones works fine but faxes…

Asterisk Users 3.6 years ago 0 Answers