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FUNC_ODBC expr must be non-null

>> If a value can EVER be empty, then you want to use quotes in your expressions.

Thanks Eric! It’s working great now, I’ve learned something today.


libpri naming scheme and asterisk-libpri merge


I would be very curious to know your opinion to both questions bellow.

1. As linux kernel simplified its naming recently, what do you think of
today’s libpri naming scheme (, …) ?
2. What are the benefits of keeping libpri code separate from asterisk code


patch openr2 asterisk 1.4.42

Today, i needed to update the servers for asterisk 1.4.42, and how we use
openr2 on most of the servers, it was necessary to update the patch to this
version, as the last version of the patch on the site was
openr2-asterisk-4.1.39-p1.patch, i had to make my on patch updated. I paste
the code on pastebin.


Sipgate, Yate and Astricon

Hi All,

Today on the VUC, we’ll be welcoming Sipgate CEO Thilo Salmon back to
tell about their choice of partners in their latest services.

I will be announcing the first #VUC VoIP & Tell discount code for
Astricon in Denver, October 25-27.

Join us on sip:200909@login.zipdx.com using g722 or g711 codec or see
http://vuc.me for the other ways to connect.

Hear you there!


T.38 negotiation error

Thank you Kevin.
Today I will upgrade my asterisk and then I will inform you about the