Music instead of Ring Ring


Hello, How can I achieve to play a music file instead of typical ring ring
(something like MusicOnHold)... I have the following dialplan, the time when the user calls the context is
executed and the system calls both the user and I hear a Ringing sound. [inc-call]
exten => s,1,Dial(DAHDI/i1/USER2&DAHDI/i1/USER1,20,A(sound-file)) Please suggest

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Failed to CANCEL a call in ringing state (SIP) in


Hi, I got a problem with asterisk The same scenario is working fine
in Asterisk calls a SIP phone via a proxy, proxy phone and asterisk are on
the same LAN, no NAT. Asterisk sends the INVITE to the proxy, the proxy sends INVITE to the
phone. The phone sends 180 RINGING back to the proxy. The proxy sends
180 RINGING to asterisk. So far so good. If the calling side decides to
cancel the call, asterisk sends the CANCEL directly to the phone. The
phone doesn't find the call and answers…

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Polycom Phantom Ringing


I have a Polycom Soundpoint IP335. There are no inbound routes set to the phones yet. However, the phones are getting phantom rings. What is the legitimacy of these calls? Is there something I need to block to stop it? I believe its people trying to hack the phones/phone system but I cannot find where I read that before. Thanks,

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menu issue


hello liste i have create an menu like below
exten => my_number,1,Ringing()
exten => my_number,2,Wait(4)
exten => my_number,3,Goto(home,s,1) [home]
exten => s,1,SetGlobalVar(sounds_path=/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/)
exten => s,2,Background(${sounds_path}welcome)
exten => #,1,Goto(menu,s,1)
exten => i,1,Playback(${sounds_path}error-key)
exten => t,1,Goto(home,s,1) with this menu i call "my_number" and i cal listen the welcome message
without issue but when there no key pressed the call hang up i verify in gool and i found that "exten => t,1,Goto(home,s,1)" is to send
to the "home" until i press a key could you please tell me what is wrong…

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call file challenge...


Greetings!! We're getting some strange results using call files.. no matter the
technology, DAHDI, SIP, etc., we get a "Call failed to go through, reason
(3) Remote end Ringing" message when attempting to originate a call from a
call file. Numbers changed to protect the innocent.... using call file....
//------------CALL FILE------------// Channel: DAHDI/g1/918005551212
Callerid: 8002211212
WaitTime: 2
MaxRetries: 6
RetryTime: 8 Context: xs-globx-ds3
Extension: 12564286000
Priority: 1 //------------CALL FILE------------// //------------CLI SNIPPET------------//

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