FXO -> GSM Gateway Problem


Hi, It can be codec negotiation error or else plese try to print hangupcause
sent from telco On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 4:27 PM, Tech wrote: > Hi,****
> ** **
> I have a problem where calling "out" of asterisk when the call is answered
> dahdi hangs up immediately.****
> For example: Sip Client A calls external number. Route: SIP -> FXO -> GSM
> Gateway ->External Landline.****
> However when that external landline answers the call dahdi hangs up

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How to receive SMS ?


Hi, I've read here and there how Asterisk could send SMS but I didn't find
much about how to receive SMS and forward them to an email box. 1. First of all, I don't think my telco would let me receive any SMS
my landline. 2. Maybe I could find providers selling this service for a monthly fee; 3. I could build and operate my own infrastructure. Given this asterisk-users mailing-list purpose, and for curiosity's
sake, how could I build my own SMS reception service with Asterisk
(1.6.1 or later) ?
Which channel (chan_mobile, chan_datacard,…

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local channels and g729a voice quality


Hi, We noticed a very sharp drop in voice quality when using digium g729a
codec. The problem seems to happen if the A channel (caller's channel)
is a landline/mobile number contacted using the same outgoing provider
(as a local channel). It sounds like listening to a mono speaker on
low volume. If I use a softphone that is directly registered to our asterisk box
the audio quality improves, the words come out more clearer and
louder. I also asked my provider to test call me using their Cisco as5300
system and g729 codec…

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Compact, affordable x86 devices?


Hello I'd like to build a compact, affordable, fanless x86 solution to
handle my home landline. I know about the following two platforms: 1. www.pcengines.ch/alix.htm
alix1d + case 100€ Does "Availability >500" mean that it's just not possible to buy just
one item? 2. www.soekris.com/products.html?limit=all
net4501-30 Board and Case $175.00 Is the net4501 powerful enough to run Asterisk, considering that I'll
use an external VoIP gateway to connect it to my landline? Are there other manufacturers I should know about? Thank you.

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Konference module issue


HI, I have installed asterisk with konference 1.7, All things are
working fine but when we start taking DTMF then key 3 not get my asterisk.
When we use landline number(dedicated number) than all DTMF is capture and
asterisk work fine. In case of mobile only key 3 don't work. Strange when I
use my touch screen number then most of the DTMF digits don't get's my
But the same module work with asterisk 1.4.41 without any issue. So is it asterisk issue or konference module issue please guide me.....

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intermittent problem on 1.4


We're trying to forward an incoming SIP call from voipfone (UK ITSP) that
originated from a UK landline back up a SIP trunk to the same ITSP and on to
another UK landline number. UK Landline->voipfone->asterisk 1.4->voipfone->UK landline About 1 in 3 times the call at the final landline is silent and we see "RTP
Read too short" scrolling on the console log. Where do we start working out what's going on? Other than that the server is
working well John

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