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When a call is starting, Asterisk starts sending and receiving RTP packets. Each packet has a sequence number.

1. Instead of logging everything as rtp set debug is currently doing, is there a way to only log:
– the sequence number of the first received packet,
– any missing or misplaced sequence number.

2. Is there a way to log RTP debug information in a specific file or send the same date to a custom daemon or filter ?


2 thoughts on - How To Log Missing RTP Packets ?

  • There’s nothing built into Asterisk itself to do this already. Logging to something like Homer might work, or just doing a packet capture. Otherwise you’d need to make changes to Asterisk to add the functionality you mention.

  • 1. I’ve just discovered rsyslog external plugin capabilty. Using it, the following might work asterisk —> rsyslog —> external program —-> custom log file I fail to see yet if rsyslog to external program communication could entirely avoid writing to disk.

    2. Anyway, current rtp debug logging is quite verbose on console. Having an option to have a more concise logging would be welcome.

    2017-11-10 15:38 GMT+01:00 Joshua Colp :