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hi, I trying to solve one scenario:-
As I can make call from mobile phone to my friend1. As he accept it, I put him on hold, & dial friend2. As he also accept it, I put him on hold & follow same procedure till friend6. The I click on ‘Merge call’ & I can talk to all 6 friends at a time & they can talk each other.

Can I write This scene by dialplan?How?

I used Confbridge but its different type of conference.

Need help. Thanks.

Mandar P. Khire

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  • What you are mentioning is a function of the phone an not of Asterisk. The phone has to support all those channels and mix them locally. Most phones only do three way calling but some can do more.
    What is the problem with dumping everyone into a Confbridge conference room? Same result at the end.

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  • Hi Mandar,

    Check out the “addcaller” stuff here:

    Essentially you’d have a dialplan where you can call another number which is then added to the confbridge.

    Cheers, Andrew

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  • Hi, Thanks for reply. For use confbridge I follows link
    By it I manage to create Conference room & add members to it. But each member has to dial conference Number. In my scenario Only first person dial second person’s number. Example:-
    If Person1 has 6001, Person2 6002, person3 has 6003 & so on, Then In confbridge as per given link example Person1 dial 1030, then person2 dial 1030, then person3 dial 1030 & so on for conference call. But In my scenario Person1 dial 6002, then make it hold, then dial 6003 &
    then merge call. Is it depend on softphone functionality or we need to write something in some conf file?
    Can we do it some how?
    I tried it on mobile & I can make conference with 6 friends means total 7
    people talk to each other without dial any conference number.


    Mandar P. Khire

  • There isn’t anything in Asterisk, out of the box, that will do
    *exactly* what you’re describing.

    You could create it, however, using ARI [1]. I’d create a special bridge for users who dial into the system. When they’re bridged with other users, if they hit hold, I’d intercept the hold using the HOLD_INTERCEPT [1] function, and hang up the hold initiator, keeping the dialled party in the same bridge. When I get a new dial attempt from the original caller, I’d put both the caller and the new callee in the same bridge as the original callee.

    This process could be repeated as many times as you want.