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Hi list!

I’m trying to configure Asterisk to record incoming calls, if the called press *3. I added in features.conf:

automixmon => *3

then, in my dialplan:

exten => 1,n,Dial(SIP/00493511111111,20,RcxX)

Well, if I **CALL** a number I’m able to record the call, but if I’ll be called, and press *3 nothing happens… In the console I can’t see anything, too.

Could you suggest me what is wrong?

Thanks Luca Bertoncello

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  • Perhaps the incoming calls are routed through different dialplan and in that Dial you do not have the proper options? The dialplan you posted appears to be for dialing an explicit outbound number.

    You can’t see *anything*? You may want to read up on logging configuration to make sure you have relevant logging channels going to your log file or console.

    Once you have verbose output going to a log, make sure it is turned up to 5
    and then post the call output to the list. With that we’ll be able to see what is happening.

  • Rusty Newton schrieb:

    YES!! That was the problem!

    I just added “xX” to the previous Dial and all work!

    Thanks Luca Bertoncello

  • Awesome. Be aware that using both x and X will allow both parties on the call to start recording.. that means regardless of whether this is an inbound or outbound call that both the calling and the called party will be able to initiate recording (assuming they know the code, or press it accidentally).