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Hi, I know there are people with much experience in asterisk, and I
want to ask if anyone had experiance with this gw

I’m having trouble getting connect with asterisk

anyone has any production?


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  • I Ricky

    I have worked with this gateway few years ago, it’s good product, they have gateways with PRI connectors and SIP.

    The quality is good, and it woks good with asterisk or regular PBXs.

  • 2015-03-27 10:52 GMT-06:00 Carlos Rojas :

    Hi carlos , thank for your advice, I could ask a favor?, this is the trunk that I have in my asterisk and the gw tells me Unregistered

    context=boss type=friend host= # ip gateway portP60
    canreinvite=no disallow=all allow=g729
    allow=ulaw allow=alaw dtmfmode=rfc2833

    in gateway – General – SIP client

    Name ip port user secret testsip 5060 myboy my123