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i’m facing problem with multiple calls to one agent when Local channels are used wireshark shows multiple invites to the agent’s phone

used versions asterisk 1.8/asterisk 13

agents are logged dynamically. interface state based on hints

queue configuration
… ringinuse=no autofill = yes
… member => Local/99@route_phones_1,2,mila_jojovich,SIP/virtual_99
member => Local/88@route_phones_1,3,angelina_jolie,SIP/virtual_88

time between call to local channel and call to SIP device can be in seconds //Without local channel queue works good, but i need local channel for additional settings/actions i need working BLF (multiple states was problem), i need working transfers (cannot limit call to 1 via GROUP_COUNT)

howto change state in queue immediately after calling local channel
(similiary to after calling sip device) ?

any tips?