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Hi Guys,

We are getting a strange issue on certain polycom phones, sometimes when a call comes in it just “flashes” to show there is a call but does not play any sound.

This problem is very intermittent and happens to maybe 2 out of 10 calls.

Has any else experienced this before?

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  • Welcome to our hell.

    We ran into this on VVX 300 and 400 phones running UCS 5.2.x. We finally got Polycom to issue a hotfix firmware version. I’ll be happy to share it with you offlist, just email me.

    Officially Polycom will fix the issue in 5.3 in a few months..

    Thanks David

  • I’ll add that it appears to happen when you have users in a ring group or call queue and BLF is being used in some capacity..


  • Could this be a 5.2.x issue only? I have a hundred of the VVX 400 phones running 4.1.7 and haven’t heard of this issue yet from our users.

    Thanks, Ryan

  • Definately a 5.2 issue.. 4.1.7 was even worse for us.. It was sluggish sometimes, and if you had multicast paging and BLF enabled the phones would interpret BLF as page attempts and start making loud chirps and beeps throughout the day..

    The 5.2 that I sent you though has been better. I don’t think we’ve had any complaints in the 3 weeks it’s been deployed.. Probably on about 100 phones at 3 locations…

    I’m thinking about adding in the new Yealink line of phones. Or the Ubiquiti phones once they are released.. I also hear through the grapevine that there is a new line of Cisco phones coming out in May.. If they’re any good we’ll strongly consider those…