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Only slightly asterisk related I suppose, but hoping someone has attempted this…

I have an old installation with a bunch of IP501s, and one died. I
replaced it with an IP450, and the user sorely misses his DND button. I
hated those DND buttons anyway, as I couldn’t control them centrally.

I’d *like* to program one of his softkeys to send a *XX sequence to do DND on the asterisk-side instead of on the phone. Has anyone remapped the softkeys on an IP450 this way and might share the XML?



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  • I’d love to get server-side DND working with an on-screen notification as well, for my own customers – I haven’t sat down to nut this one out though.

    In the meantime, they can change the phone-side DND status through the menu’s. It’s the same behaviour as the handsets which have a hard DND button…

    Menu > Features > Do Not Disturb

    Brendan Ord OntheNet – Network Engineer P