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I have just installed DAHDI on a system running CentOS 5.11
(let’s not get sidetracked into discussing the version of CentOS – there are reasons for using it in this case).

The system has a TE220 card with 2xE1.

It has been working fine, but when booting, the udev startup gives out warnings about ATTRS{hardware_id} and ATTRS{location} not being found.

After doing some research, I changed ATTRS to SYSFS in the file
/etc/udev/rules.d/dahdi.rules, and the warnings went away. Although I did notice that after making the change and rebooting, /dev/dahdi/devices only contained the symbolic link @Board, pointing to ../chan/001/031, and no longer contained subdirectories called 1 and 2, each of which previously contained 31 symbolic links, one for each channel (although it looks like those links actually contained one too many ../).

So my questions are:
1. Was it correct on this system to change ATTRS back to SYSFS? I notice that it was changed to ATTRS in DAHDI 2.9.

2. Should /dev/dahdi/devices contain just @Board, or also 1/ and 2/?

3. Are the /dev/dahdi/devices entries used by Asterisk or anything else?

Thanks for any advice!

Cheers Tony