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I’m having some problems with a vega sangoma, if a call comes into my ivr and hangs up, the call continues to ring and leaves hanging the channel, I have to restart Asterisk and everything works Ok

my sangoma is a vega 50 , 4 FXO .

I tried different tone of countries and does not work,

this is the trace of which is for hanging up the channel:


I was thinking that might help rpt timeout , I have put in 30s, but does not work

any advice?


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  • Looking at the pastebin, the Vega device sends a CANCEL with reason:

    Reason: Q.850 ;cause.

    Cause 16 is normal clearing and suggests that the original caller has disconnected. I would take a look at the Vega’s logs

    Regards, Steve

  • 2015-03-05 6:11 GMT-06:00 Steve Davies :
    I tried to contact support sangoma, I send a log to them and they have not contacted me! ,a disappointment

    asterisk shows active channels, zombie type 😉 , for example the extension 160 call the 122, 122 is not connected and tells me this on the phone , I have the impression that rtptimeout not working as it should


    look cli asterisk: (None) koV6foZnHTr3gEf (nothing)
    No Rx: REGISTER (None) 690e01185aa2f36 (nothing) No
    Rx: REGISTER gatewayVEGA 0010-0C09-6C8EF (ulaw)
    No Rx: ACK gatewayVEGA (None) 5db8c434570dfb9 (nothing) No
    Rx: REGISTER (None) 3654c4f8-1fd27d (nothing) No
    Rx: NOTIFY

    5 active SIP dialogs