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Hi All

I am testing Asterisk 12 and got most things working, but cannot get a trunk setup working. I am using the new pjsip channel driver. The provider provides IP security so no registering or credentials are required.

This is version 1.8 that works

type=peer host=
disallow=all allow=g729,alaw,ulaw

and use Dial(SIP/maintrunk/${ARG1})

My version12

type=transport protocol=udp bind=

type=endpoint transport=udpnonat disallow=all allow=g729,alaw,ulaw aors=maintrunk

type=aor contact=sip:

and use Dial(PJSIP/${ARG1}@maintrunk)

It dials but does not connect to the provider. Is the config correct?

Thank you for your time.


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  • Kilburn Abrahams wrote:


    Your config itself looks fine, what actually shows up on the console?