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Just wanted to get a feel for people in the community.

I researched a lot of information but I wanted to know the communities perspective on this and didnt want to revive a dead thread:

Any pros/cons for connection to asterisk boxes located at different sites via an IP-VPN or Frame Relay?

I wanted to know the best cost effective way to connect the two remote boxes other than the Internet.

Thanks in advanced!


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  • Have seen mostly a lot of hq/branch implementations using IPSEC over standard Internet connections.. that’s what seems most cost effective for most smb’s, imo, with the inherent trade-offs. Other than that, I’d say private IP VPN’s based on HDSL E1’s.

  • IPSec VPN is what we use. The biggest issue is QoS.

    I do not see any other inexpensive solution.


  • Depends on your cost per minute on the PSTN.

    We used to use the Internet for inter-office communications, until our pipes started to get really congested (Client hosting) that forced us to use the PSTN for quality purposes. The smaller sites are still using OpenVPN/VOIP to each other and PSTN back to our Corporate offices with really good results.

    For us, prices are still cheaper then when we were point to point (T1)