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Hi all,
I want peer-peer communication between two clients (soft phones) both are behind NAT.I have an accounts with SIP proxy for two clients. To communicate these two clients do i need to use Asterisk ?

As per my understanding Asterisk acts like Gateway where conventional phone calls data transfer into internet voice calls. If am wrong please correct me .

Thanks, Raghav.

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  • Am 02.12.2013 15:02, schrieb Raghav Goud:

    Asterisk is not required. In your soft phone you only need to enter SIP
    Account from ITSP and it is then “converted” by Provider from SIP to plain telephony or routed directly to the other VoIP user which is all transparent for you. 2 users on the same Provider, usually can call 4
    free but this depends.

    When Asterisk is installed, both phones can be registered to it and both phones can communicate over Asterisk directly without even needing an ITSP, it goes all over IP. This requires good configuration to prevent
    “hackers” from misusing the system and generating high bills.