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I am using Asterisk 11.6.0 built by root @ linux-t784 on a x86_64
The issue is a huge UDP handle leak, presumably coming fro ooh323
With 45 calls open calls (ooh323 to SIP), I have netstat -anp | grep asterisk | wc -l

lsof -p 6785 -i -n -P | grep UDP | wc -l

The machine needs to be rebooted as soon as Asterisk eats up all the handles. The question is, how can I further debug this? How do I know if this is in fact ooh323 or SIP or something else? Is ooh323 still supported? What kind of trace should I capture if I decide to file a bug? Would Valgrind help?
Thanks for your help

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  • I have a test system with a couple of FXS (50), BRI (4)m and a few dozen SIP channels that does not show your file problem under 11.6.0. I get at most 15 open files for a standard configuration.