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Hey all

I have been beating on this all weekend long. Any feed back would be appreciated.

We stood up a 11.6 system. We tested everything we could think of. We moved over to it and all seemed to be working good than a customer told us that they were not hearing our vociemail greetings. When we call into the system and it drops to voicemail we just get a beep no greeting played. We checked and the greeting files are there and play back from the voicemail ivr. If no greeting is there it just plays “The Pers.. beep”

Both 11.2.1 and 11.6 do this. If I drop back to 1.8.current the issue goes away.

Any Ideas?


Bryant Zimmerman (ZK Tech Inc.)
616-855-1030 Ext. 2003

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  • Bryant Zimmerman wrote:


    I wouldn’t consider it a bug. I’ve know for years that you need to answer a channel before you play back audio or strange things can and will happen.


  • That’s what I do since the 0.x days. IIRC in recent Asterisk versions some apps answer before doing anything else. Guess the voicemail app is not one of them. I always answer first followed by a small Wait and then execute the app.

    Regards, Patrick

  • VoiceMail does automatically Answer a channel.

    I’m going to guess that you have strictrtp enabled (which it is by default), and that if you cranked up Asterisk verbose logging to at least
    4, you’d see something like this at about the time you started hearing audio:

    0xYYYYYY – Probation passed – setting RTP source address to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

    Asterisk drops RTP packets until it locks onto an RTP source. It does this to prevent media injection attacks. The default probation period for an RTP
    source is four packets – you can configure the probationary period as well as whether or not strict RTP checking is enabled in rtp.conf.