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hello guys

i want to slimming my asterisk by loading only mandatory modules. in order to do that, i edit my modules.conf file and set autoload=no and load just mandatory modules.

my problem is, how should i determine which modules are necessary to asterisk works correctly? i have sip, h323 and dahdi connection on my asterisk. is there any documentation about mandatory modules for asterisk?
or anybody has such a list?

any comments or hints are appreciated SAM

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  • First, please don’t cross post across mailing lists. The asterisk-users mailing list is an appropriate place for questions about Asterisk deployment; the asterisk-dev mailing list is appropriate for questions regarding development, i.e., code. As many people subscribe to both lists, cross posting is not necessary. Since this is a question about deployment, it is appropriate for the asterisk-users mailing list, and not the asterisk-dev list.

    Second, there is not a canonical list of ‘required’ modules for Asterisk. You can run Asterisk without any of the loadable modules and it will technically function, although it obviously won’t do much. What modules you need is determined by your deployment – which includes both the channel technologies you want to use, as well as your dialplan. That isn’t something anyone can answer for you.

    You can, however, use menuselect to help determine what module dependencies need to be fulfilled. Beyond that, you should look at what applications and functions a module provides to determine if you need it. Asterisk: The Definitive Guide has some excellent information in Chapter 2.

  • Are you using asterisk from source code ?
    You can run “make menuselect” after the ./confugure and select the modules you want. The interface will also help you with dependencies between modules. So, if you select chan_sip, it will select everything needed by it.

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