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Asterisk 11.1

Is it possible to catch the fact that an ip phone has died in the middle of a call and do something with it in the dialplan?

Background: we run a small call center. Our agents sit in two groups, with their IP phones running from 2 different switches. Every once in a while the power on one side of the room will go out, or one of the switches will die, or one of the agents will knock something loose with their foot. If/when that happens while the agent is on a call with a customer, I’d like to be able to save that caller and put them back in the queue (at the head of the queue).

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  • I don’t have an answer for you, but I can suggest some areas to investigate.

    “stuck” calls could be detected using SIP session timers. I’ve had bad luck using session times in Asterisk, but the problem might somehow be unique to our setup.

    Dead peers can be detected using qualify

    Asterisk supports some RTP keepalive features.

    Asterisk has the ability to continue in the dialplan after one leg of the call hangs up. See hangup handlers (new in 11.x or 10.x) and the options to Dial

    See sip.conf.sample included in Asterisk, “core show application dial” and the UPGRADE*.txt files in Asterisk.

    The most effective thing to do is avoid phones going away unexpectedly. Get reliable switches, get your switches on battery backed up power, move important stuff away from people’s feet.

    The BOFH in me thinks a shock sensor attached things which might get kicked, connected to a locomotive horn nearby is a delightful idea, but is neither nice nor practical. I know from personal experience a locomotive horn can cause a sleeping person to levitate several feet in the air. I imagine it would have a similar effect on a call center agent.

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  • No, you won’t be able to save the call if the far end goes down. Best you could do would be to enable qualify, track then the agent phone goes offline, if a call also drop around that time frame, initial some sort of callback.

    However, solve the issue at the source. Spend the money for a UPS at each desktop, convert your phones to PoE and install a UPS in your server room.

  • Mitch Claborn писал 08.11.2013 02:51:

    catch the fact that an IP phone has died in the middle do something with it in the dialplan?

    Maybe you can connect agents and callers via MeetMe, and when AMI gets the “MeetMe Leave” event, put the caller on hold and return him to the queue (maybe in the first position). Just a guess, for I’ve never used such setup.

    But I
    strongly agree with people who say you’d better change your hardware.

  • A few bags for tie wraps. A couple ups’s. And a good switch are usually the best defence.

    Following advice from another PBX discussion list I have seen. I prefer the slap to the back if the head over the shockplate.

  • I certainly agree that the first and best solution is to deal with the hardware issues, and we’ve started working on that already.

    I’ll investigate the suggested Asterisk ideas and post here if anything works for my purposes.