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Dear list,

on Asterisk 1.4.21 which is being used in a callthrough scenario –
callers call via PSTN to a DID coming in via SIP and then dialing outbound via DTMF and the outbound calls get routed via some SIP
termination provider – lately I see that every now and then MusicOnHold gets triggered like this on outbound calls:

Started music on hold, class ‘default’, on SIP/outbound-sip-provider-00000002

I do not have any reference to MusicOnHold in my extensions.conf so a misconfiguration is unlikely.

Is there some SIP magic that can trigger MusicOnHold on my end?


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  • Hi,

    obviously, putting a call on hold will trigger music on hold.

    Mayber your gateway does that when all outbound channels are busy or something?


  • Markus wrote:

    I see this on our system and it’s considered a feature. When the remote system signals that a call has been put on hold, it will instruction the local Asterisk system to do the actual holding.

    I see this on our VOIP router and hear our hold music when the remote party places me on hold.


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  • I also see that on our servers. By the way, is It possible to avoid this behavior? It’s quite disappointing for our customers to hear their music on hold when the remote party put them on hold… BR, Alban

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  • Thank you for pointing this thread. So, looks like no solution exists to correct this (as I understand)… as it is part of the standard. Have you found a trick to avoid that (break it)?


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  • If you’re 100% SIP, then probably. If you’re bridging between SIP handsets and a PRI, then I believe you can.

    I think it can be controlled though chan_dahdi.conf. The option is called (Was called?) mohinterpret.

    Search that config file for moh or music on hold.


  • Thank you Doug for your answers. As I’m SIP all the way (phone, providers), I’ll live with it (and my customers also)… BR, Alban

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