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Many SIP phones implement list-based Notify-Subscribe mechanism with the phone may request to be notified of status changes from a whole list of resources.

Thanks to PJSIP inclusion in Asterisk 12, I’m wondering how a Resource List Server could be implemented with Asterisk 12.

1. I couldn’t see RFC4662 itself is implemented in PJSIP. Is this correct ?

2. Which architecture regarding resource lists would best match Asterisk current and future feature set ?
A. In internal Asterisk feature ?
B. An external application which would subscribe to each individual resource on one hand, and would serve list-based requests on the other hand
C. Something else ?

3. Has someone already dealt with list-based Notify-Subscribes outside Asterisk scope ? How would you then qualify this experiment ?


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  • Being that Asterisk 12 is still in beta and not widely used by the user-base yet, you may want to ask this on the asterisk-dev list. Those working on Asterisk 12 features may have more insight, especially since the scope of your question covers Asterisk internals

  • Olivier wrote:


    Correct. The only thing it would implement is the mechanism to construct the messages, which is a very minor part. The actual logic is the hard part.

    I don’t think anyone has really scoped this out. Previously due to chan_sip it was just very invasive and infeasible to create such a thing, but due to the modular design of chan_pjsip it’s much closer to reality. What it actually MEANS and what it would look like though… requires thought.

    I’ve got nothin’ here.