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Hey all –

After much discussion at AstriCon, it became clear that the Asterisk project could use a mailing list dedicated specifically to application development. This new mailing list should be used specifically for discussions regarding the development of applications using AMI, AGI, or ARI – or any other interface exposed by Asterisk in the future. Today, we’re pleased to announce the asterisk-app-dev mailing list, now available on

This new list is not a replacement for asterisk-dev or asterisk-users. The asterisk-dev list should continue to be used for discussions regarding development directly in the Asterisk project itself or the Asterisk Test Suite. The asterisk-users list should continue to be used for discussions regarding deployment and usage of Asterisk itself. As we expect the amount of questions and discussions regarding application development and API
usage to grow, it makes sense to provide a dedicated forum for those discussions outside of -users and -dev, and this new mailing list serves that purpose.

Of course, there’s bound to be some cross-over between mailing lists, and sometimes it might not be clear where to post your question. As always, please do not cross post between lists. If your question on asterisk-app-dev is more appropriate for asterisk-users or asterisk-dev, someone will kindly ask you to direct your question to the other mailing lists, where a wider audience may be available to assist you.

Thanks – and we all look forward to lots of productive discussions on the new mailing list about building applications that use Asterisk as their communications engine!