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Dear All,

I want to read telnet packet continuously whenever a new call is originated and store into a variable after that pass into window server. I have written a Perl script to read telnet packet but problem is that whenever I
executed Perl script then got a telnet packet( mean Only when i execute Perl script) here I want to put scheduler,event or other technique whenever a new call will come Perl script automatically run.

Regards Akhilesh

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  • This is really a Perl question, not an Asterisk question, and you might have more joy asking on a Perl list or forum.

    Anyway, there are two ways to accomplish what you want. The easy way is to have inetd start your Perl script whenever a packet is sent to a particular port; when the script starts, its STDIN and STDOUT will already be connected to the port. The other way is to have your Perl script run as a daemon; then fork off a clone of itself to deal with requests as they come in. After a fork, the child process will inherit a copy of the socket object; and this will persist even after you undef it in the parent process.

    If you want to invoke a Perl script from within the dialplan, you can either use a full-on AGI script (which will even allow you to pass variables back and forth and do other funky stuff) or use System() for a “quick and dirty”
    call to a script that doesn’t need to send anything back.