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Hi. i am running asterisk 11.5.1 in my system (debian squeeze) and i do get the CDRs through the csv file, that asterisk creates. i would like to have the CDRs in a nice web based tool and after some search i have found
i do have it installed with all the dependencies (apache, php, mysql), but i do not know how to interface the CDRs. has anyone used this tool or any other similar tool?

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  • It expects your CDR to be located in a mysql database. You’ll either need to figure out how to import your .csv into mysql, or have Asterisk send the CDR directly to the mysql database.


  • i have uploaded two files for you one is the php script that reads Master.csv and loads data in the database you have to change

    $locale_db_name = ‘databasename’;
    $locale_db_login = ‘user’;
    $locale_db_pass = ‘password’;

    this how you run the script php /path/cdrmysql.php /var/log/asterisk/cdr-csv/Master.csv

    path is the location where your cdrmysql.php is located

    second is the database already truncated for you

    hope this helps

    Regards. Kyeyune Bob VOIP Engineer
    +256 774 702 258

  • how about something like this:

    pbx@pbx:~$ grep -v “^;” /etc/asterisk/cdr_mysql.conf
    hostname=localhost dbname