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I am stuck in channel PJSIP trying to see the real flow of SIP
messages, what in regular sip we used to type “sip set debug on”
Also, is there an automated way to convert sip.conf options to pjsip.conf?

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  • First, please keep in mind that Asterisk 12 is currently in an alpha test period. That means you’re operating on what is an early test release of what will become Asterisk 12, so expecting feature parity or perfection is likely to leave you disappointed. The purpose of an alpha is to get feedback on needed features and to help flush out issues before the first full release is made – so expect some bumps along the way.

    Because the new SIP stack is highly modular, the ability to trace SIP
    messages is provided by the module res_pjsip_logger. If that module is loaded, all messages sent/received by the stack are displayed on the CLI. Think of ‘module load res_pjsip_logger.so’ as analogous to ‘sip set debug on’, and ‘module unload res_pjsip_logger.so’ as ‘sip set debug off’.

    There is a script in the contrib folder in both the alpha tarball and in the 12 branch that aids in the conversion of a sip.conf configuration file to the pjsip.conf schema. What is currently in the tarball/branch isn’t quite complete yet however – Mark has the initial set of conversion options currently up for review on Review Board. If you wanted to make use of that script, I’d highly recommend using the version that is currently up for review, as it will give you more bang for the buck. You can download the patch from here: