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What happens when we increase the queue frame size in channels.c

if ((queued_frames + new_frames > 128 || queued_voice_frames +
new_voice_frames > 96)) {

Be default it is 128 and 96 if i increase it to 256 and 192 what will happen? will it impact to default behavior?

Regards, Gopal.

2 thoughts on - Asterisk Queue Frame

  • It looks like you are getting the “Exceptionally long queue length” warning message. The change you mention will just increase the allowed size of the queue. Doing that won’t really help much as it will just delay getting the message. That warning message means Asterisk is falling behind in processing frames on the channel.


  • actually when i get the message my call volume is around 180 to 200
    calls…. will that matter… and some calls being transferred to other location and some are making outbound calls, some are inbound…

    Is there any way for optimization?