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There is no free channel to be used to have integration between asterisk and skype? What is the software that I can use to send and receive chat messages on skype network?

— Regards Bilal

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  • No; because by design, Skype is proprietary and closed, and takes various extreme measures to block out all attempts to interoperate with it, or even to try to work out how to. This is the absolute antithesis of telecommunications
    (when you buy an ordinary analogue phone, you take for granted that it will be compatible with any telco’s wires; and when you buy a SIM, you take for granted that it will fit any manufacturer’s handset), but obviously it’s good for the whole profit thing.

    Actual Skype on one device that thinks it’s talking to a headset; but is actually plumbed into a soundcard on another device, running a softphone client that adheres to published standards (which are, after all, the only standards Asterisk can possibly follow).

    If that sounds like an overly-complex solution, just tell your correspondents to use something other than Skype. It’s what everyone else is doing, pending someone hacking the Skype protocols open or leaking the Source Code.

    Skype is NOT nice. Skype is evil, proprietary and toxic. It is the bully who pretends to be your friend, then gets you into trouble. Run, don’t walk, away from it.

  • And that’s related to the problem with it: it hasn’t been maintained for quite a while.

  • Am 23.05.2013 16:04, schrieb Richard Kenner:

    True, but it’s still working if you follow the instructions carefully!
    🙂 If you know of another FREE alternative let me know. I think there is also something available for FreeSWITCH. The only problem with SipToSis that I found is that if you run it in a VM (KVM in my case), and have more than 1 concurrent call going on, the audio of the second call will drift away and become asynchronous after a few seconds into the call. Couldn’t find a fix so I set up several VMs for multiple concurrent calls. 😀 If you use a dedicated server you probably won’t have that issue…

  • While I agree with what others have said about Skype being evil, you can find another alternative at

    I do not use Skype but I use some of his other stuff and for the most part it “Just works”

    Hope this helps.