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Matt Riddell> writes:

Dear Mr. Riddell,

Greetings!!! trust this reaches you to the best of everything..

I have been encountering error whenever i run make install to load cbmysql. Below is the error.

app_cbmysql.c:529:38: error: macro “ast_config_load” requires 2 arguments, but only 1 given app_cbmysql.c: In function ├óload_config├ó:

How i can resolve this problem.

Please help.

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  • Rohit Mahajan wrote:

    The best way, as the author of app_cbmysql, is to not use app_cbmysql. If you are running Asterisk 1.6.7 or later and and Web-MeetMe 4.X you can use the realtime functionality in app_meetme. The ODBC and realtime setup is a bit more complicated than app_cbmysql, but the reliability will be much better, and you won’t need the equally hacky cbend.php script to handle CDR or conference shutdown events.