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Does SetCallerPres(Prohib) remove the ANI data from a SIP call or does it simply set a flag telling other devices not to display the data?

In other words, could another system override that and see the caller ID
anyway? The answer may affect how I handle 911 calls, so I’m very curious.

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  • Hi,

    In 1.8 setting this flag it does not remove any caller id related data, it just sets an information on how to handle the data. If the direct dial target is a phone, it MAY show the callerid anyway, but dialling out on a PSTN/VoIP trunk also sends the callerid.

    But: If you place an emergency call the emergency service should always be able to see your callerid – even if you set SetCallerPres(Prohib).


    Am 16.05.2013 00:12, schrieb Adam Moffett: