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Hey, all. I’ve got an office set up with Asterisk, and forwarding’s got a bit of a glitch:
When they forward, they listen for the remote phone to ring, then hang up. If the remote phone doesn’t connect, it goes to the original phone’s VM. Is this Polycom’s “fault,” or Asterisk’s? I’ve been reading up on blind/supervised forwards, and, honestly, have myself more confused than when I started. If someone could give me a solid idea of how forwarding works, and a sample of how to send it to a remote extension, and have it *not* come back to the original extension, that’d be great.



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  • What you are describing is an attended call transfer not call forwarding. Call forwarding is a different feature. From the behavior you describe, you are using DTMF to initiate the attended transfer. There is an option in features.conf called atxferdropcall that you need to set to yes to have the call not come back to the transferrer.


  • You said “forwarding” but described a process that sounds like call transfer. I’m going to assume you mean the latter?

    We just had a report of this from a customer on their own server. I
    haven’t had time to investigate it. We have confirmed it with Grandstream and Cisco SPA phones, so it’s not just Polycom.

    As far as the atxferdropcall someone suggested, I did try that and then the call is just dropped off into limbo. The caller is left on hold, and the nothing happens on the called extension or transfer-to extension.