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Hello everyone,

I’ve suffering cut offs after 6 or 7 seconds a call is answered, incoming calls are working fine, but outgoing ones show the gollowing messages when are being dropped:

[2013-05-15 12:55:14] WARNING[3569]: chan_sip.c:3641 retrans_pkt:
Retransmission timeout reached on transmission ZjJkZjlkZWMyZTE4ZmY2NWZlZTExNDM1MDRhMTY4MTc. for seqno 2 (Critical Response) — See Packet timed out after 6399ms with no response
[2013-05-15 12:55:14] WARNING[3569]: chan_sip.c:3670 retrans_pkt: Hanging up call ZjJkZjlkZWMyZTE4ZmY2NWZlZTExNDM1MDRhMTY4MTc. – no reply to our critical packet (see This is happening with my PBX hosted on an external network and peers on my local network.

It seems the SIP ACK is not being received properly.

I’m using asterisk on Debian 6.0.6 and on CentOS 5.9

Elder D. Arohuanca Lima – Peru

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  • sip set debug peer 90102 and check in log why call drop or upload log somewhere. configuration seems ok.

  • Hi!

    I can confirm this issue: In my case it happens with calls coming in from a patton ISDN gateway to Asterisk

    The calls is processed and passed to a snom phone, audio flows fine for a few seconds, but then Asterisk terminates the call. Interestingly this never happens on internal calls (from snom to snom). Downgrading to Asterisk 1.4 makes the issue go away as well.

    Have you tried 1.8.22? I haven’t yet, but it seems to come with a fix for a deadlock in the SIP channel which *might* solve the issue we are both experiencing (see ASTERISK-21389).


  • Hey Philipp, I will try soon the new version and let you know.

    Currently my users are pointing to a PBX in my local-private network with no problems.

    When I use wireshark I see my internal peers trying to send the ACK packets
    4 or 5 times until hangup, at the same time the PBX are requesting that very packet many times until it decides to hangup (as you can see in previous message).

    The funny thing happens when I restart my router, everything works fine, but 2 or 3 hours later calls start getting cut-offs again. I’m not very used to routers but if someone have some tip on Cisco 2811 it will be great.

    Definitely it’s a NAT issue, any help is welcome.

    Elder D. Arohuanca Lima – Peru

    On Sat, May 18, 2013 at 8:10 PM, Philipp von Klitzing