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hello list,

i need your help about cdr ,i have installed the module cdr in my asterisk
1.4 .

for the inbound calls when i call my SIP exten like below :

exten => 506,1,Dial(SIP/223, 10)
exten => 506,n,Dial(SIP/276, 10)

in CDR i have just one line with SIP /276 the last line but there is no historic for the first SIP 223

recid Record ID | calldate |clid |src | dst
|dcontext |channel | dstchannel |lastapp |lastdata |duration |billsec
|disposition |amaflags |accountcode |uniqueid
|3 |

626747 |2013-05-09 09:22:55 |0661551203 |0661551203 |506
|default |Zap/14-1 |SIP/276-092ac7b0 |Dial |SIP/276| 10|21 |0

any help please to have the historic for 223 and 276

thanks and regards

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  • thanks i verify but i don’t understanding if can someone give me an example

    best regards

    2013/5/9 Ishfaq Malik

  • hi, asterisk insert cdr when call is hangup and last dial statment, i dont understatnd why you are using 2 dial statment on same extenstion?
    if you you want dial to both extensions you can use
    506,1,Dial(SIP/223&SIP/276) if you want dial both same time or if you want to do failover the check Dial status and gotoif dialstatus = NO ANSWER or what ever you need.

  • thanks asghar for your help and support and thanks ishfaq

    2013/5/9 Asghar Mohammad