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Hi all.

I just installed bunch of IP450’s and everything went well and my customer is happy…. except that they are unable to transfer calls to other extenstions.

They can dial them directly just fine.

However, when the user is in a call and presses the transfer soft key, they get dial tone, and start typing the extension, say 1008. But by the time they get 100 typed in, the phone tries to dial and the transfer fails. I feel sure that it’s a dial plan issue on the phone.

We are running:


The dialplan section of the sip.cfg provisioning file is:

The same section of the phone1.cfg file is:

The MAC-specific provisioning file does not have a dialplan section.

All of my Polycom users share these files and many of them can transfer to 4-digit extensions. Is there something I need to do for the 450 to make this work?

Thank you in advance.

Mike Diehl.

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  • Mike Diehl wrote:

    As far as I know, all the Polycoms require a digit map that isn’t blank. You’re digit maps are blank. There are two place you can have digit maps. In the individual phone configs and in the master sip.cfg.

    A digit map for one of my 550s are below:


    I’d suggest looking into your master phone template for the bad digit map if as you say, the sip.cfg doesn’t contain one.


  • You really should configure the dialplan.digitmap attribute. I don’t know why the other polycom phones are working and the 450’s are not, but I believe the combination of not having a digitmap configured and having dialplan.impossibleMatchHandling set to 0 is what is causing the problem. You could try setting dialplan.impossibleMatchHandling to 2 for the short term, but configuring the digitmap to match your environment is the best solution. Check the SIP admin guide for details on how to set it up.