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I add a member to a Queue with AddQueueMember, but the Queue still indicates “joinempty” :

Add member to queue :

/– Executing [queueadd@sub-GetParams:2]
AddQueueMember(“SIP/sip17-00005c1e”, “myqueue11,member3”) in new stack
— Executing [queueadd@sub-GetParams:3] NoOp(“SIP/sip17-00005c1e”,
“AQMSTATUS = ADDED”) in new stack/

… but JOINEMPTY when entering the Call Queue :

/– Executing [queue@pbx-routing:4] Queue(“SIP/SipIncoming-00005da9”,
“myqueue11,,,,60”) in new stack
— Executing [queue@pbx-routing:5] NoOp(“SIP/SipIncoming-00005da9”,
“queuestatus == JOINEMPTY”) in new stack/

How is this possible ?

Kind regards, Jonas.

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  • I was poking around with the Add/Remove QueueMember code a while back. From the sound of what you are saying I might have just missed something critical. for your case.

    It’d be good to know what version you are using so that I can verify whether or not my changes could have affected you.

    —– Original Message —

  • Jonas Kellens wrote:

    I think that was tagged before any of my recent app_queue patches. In that case, it might work if you just update to the latest 1.8 release. If it doesn’t, go ahead and file an issue on JIRA.

  • “it might work”…

    How come app_queue is suddenly so unstable ?

    Which version has a stable app_queue ?
    I thought unstable versions are released with “rc-” added ?

    Kind regards, Jonas.

  • Jonas Kellens wrote:

    Without labbing things up with your exact scenario Jonathan can’t confirm it. I did a quick search of the issue tracker for anything open similar to the issue you specified and nothing came up. The functionality you are using is commonly used so either it’s something specific to how you are using it or was an issue in the version you are using and is not in recent versions.

    As well – if the log you provided has not been altered then you are attempting to add an interface “member3” to the queue. While this will succeed it is ultimately not a valid interface and would not be considered as available. This would explain why it does not work.

    I don’t quite know what you are referring to here. There are issues but it is in use by many companies and works for them, within the confines of what it can do.

    You’d have to be specific in what you mean by “stable”.

    rc stands for release candidate. It is not inherently unstable, it’s just a candidate for release put out there for testing. It helps to uncover issues.

  • Hello,

    what is then a correct interface ? “SIP/member3” maybe is more correct ?

    Thanks for your help.


  • Jonas Kellens wrote:


    That is correct. That type of string is what interface refers to in the AddQueueMember documentation. SIP/member3, IAX2/joe, etc.