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I have a site with Polycom handsets on all the desks, mostly IP650s, some IP550s, and some IP450s as well.

I need to update the firmware on the IP450s. However, the firmware simply won’t load.

The latest firmware (4.0.3 Rev F) supports all phones at this site, and was downloaded from here: http://downloads.polycom.com/voice/voip/sip_sw_releases_matrix.html

The phone pulls the firmware from the PBX via TFTP (as expected), but always results in ‘Error: Image is not compatible with the phone’.

As a troubleshooting step, *ALL* firmware has been removed from the TFTP root, and *ONLY* the new firmware placed there. So, is the Polycom firmware matrix wrong about this phone/firmware compatibility, or am I missing something? The bootrom has also been upgraded to the latest without any problems.

Thoughts? My head is getting sore from banging it on my desk… :/

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  • What happens if you reinitialize a phone, then do the update? (I keep a bottle of Ibuprophen on hand just for Polycom issues).

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  • Without knowing what version of the SIP application is already on the phones it is hard to say. But it sounds as if your phones are loaded with SIP 3.2.x or lower. To upgrade beyond 3.2.x you will need to put the 4.4 version of the BootROM on your provisioning server. With SIP 4.0
    and later (and I believe 3.3 as well) the “BootROM” (now called the updater) is included in the sip.ld file itself. The 4.4 version of the BootROM updates the phone to look for the new updater inside the sip.ld file. It should ONLY be used to upgrade phones from SIP 3.2 or lower to SIP 3.3 or higher.

    Hope this helps.