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Hi List members, Thanks for the support so far as I try to install and test my first Asterisk system. I was able to finally install asterisk- with libpri-1.4.13 and dahdi-linux-complete-2.6.1+2.6.1 according to the instructions given in the online documentation (asterisk the Definitive Guide). But while trying to start asterisk with the following command
“/usr/sbin/asterisk -cvvv” or “/usr/sbin/asterisk -c” I get the message
“Illegal instruction (core dumped)”
Kindly advice on what to do.


Adolphus Enaboifo

3 thoughts on - Asterisk Not Starting (illegal Instruction Core Dumped)

  • I suspect you have something wrong in your server hardware… have you tried running a memtest?


    2012/11/27 Adolphus Enaboifo

  • I’ve had this trying to install Asterisk on a machine with a VIA processor.
    Turned out to be VIA’s fault for pretending to be an i686 when in fact it only supported a subset of i686 instructions (and Asterisk wanted to use one of the ones that it didn’t).

    The cure was to make distclean and re-compile for an i586 target.

    Please post the contents of /proc/cpuinfo on the machine which is failing to run Asterisk.