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Hello all,

I installed yesterday the most recent AsteriskNow distro and used the built-in upgrade options to bring it up to date.

My problem is that CDRs are not stored. I went through dozens of forums and sites I found on Gogle relating to that issue (very common), but I couldn’t find a solution for Asterisk 1.8 (in previous versions, reinstalling the addons solved the issue).

Even after compiling Asterisk, it still doesn’t work.

I noticed that on the FreePBX forum, people refuse to help, blaming this issue on Digium AsteriskNOW distro. I personally think they are right that it’s not their responsibility, but the bottom line is that a simple fix should be available somewhere and I couldn’t find it, so I assume I’m not the only person struggling with this issue.

If anyone can help, kindly advise.