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I upgraded from Asterisk 10 to 11 and switched from gtalk.conf and jabber.conf to use motif.conf and xmpp.conf.

I disabled gtalk and jabber from loading in modules.conf noload => res_jabber.so noload => chan_gtalk.so

After copying my settings to the new conf files and restarting Asterisk I had no errors, but making outgoing calls from clients just kept ringing even though the other side picks up and hears nothing.

I played with my settings for days and have no idea what I changed that got it working so I’m hoping someone can tell me what caused this and maybe what I changed that fixed it.

Now it works but I don’t know why so I’d like some feedback.

My Asterisk Server is NOT behind a NAT but my Clients are and I’m using google Voice for incoming and outgoing calls.

Here is what I have done.

I completely removed my [general] section from motif.conf and added a
[default](!) and transport=google-v1 like the example states. The
[general] section was needed in gtalk.conf to get it working but seems to not be of any use now.

;context=incoming ;;Context to dump call into
;bindaddr= ;;Address to bind to
;allowguest=yes ;;Allow calls from people not in peer list

disallow=all allow=alaw allow=ulaw allow=h264
transport=google-v1 ;Using google or google-v1 didn’t make a difference context=incoming


I removed the /Talk suffix from my xmpp.conf username fields and changed timeout=5. It took me a while to notice the /Talk was not needed anymore.
type=client ;;Client or Component connection serverhost=talk.google.com ;;Route to server for example, talk.google.com username=asterisk@gmail.com ;;Username with optional resource. secret=secret ;;Password priority=1 ;;Resource priority portR22 ;;Port to use defaults to 5222
usetls=yes ;;Use tls or not usesasl=yes ;;Use sasl or not status=available ;;One of: chat, available, away, xaway, or dnd statusmessage=”Asterisk Server” ;;Have custom status message for Asterisk. timeout=5

I changed my sip settings for my google clients to:
host=dynamic type=friend nat=force_rport,comedia canrevinvite=no qualify=yes dtmfmode=rfc2833
context=home disallow=all allow=ulaw;h263

Can someone tell me if these settings are correct? I have no idea but it works now.

I also made sure port 5060 and 5222 was open in iptables

I also had to change rtp.conf to add icesupport=yes. I use my own rtp port range that is opened on the firewall.

icesupport=yes rtpstart000
rtpend 000
;rtcpinterval = 5000 ; Milliseconds between rtcp reports
; strictrtp=yes

I also had to add icesupport=no in sip.conf[general]section to stop
“failed to extend” errors happening for SIP calls.

3 thoughts on - Outgoing Google Motif Calls Connect But Continue Ringing On Outgoing Side

  • Roy Abshire wrote:

    Did you follow the guide at https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Calling+using+Google or just move the configuration files over and tweak them?

    So, you changed lots of settings and then it started working or did you give up after a failed call, come back, and it started working?

    If it started working without any changes in between it could have been a temporary problem with the Google Voice gateway you were being connected to. I’ve seen this a few times during testing.

    Your settings seem fine.

    Yes, this is indeed a requirement.


  • Roy Abshire wrote:

    The guide isn’t written for migrations, it’s for configuring from scratch. That’s why. Treating it as a migration document may have caused stuff to go wonky.

    Okay, so it sounds like something you did solved it. Without recreating the exact scenario and going through nothing stands out immediately.


  • Roy Abshire wrote:

    There’s nothing explicit to prevent you from doing this but Google decides what client gets incoming calls, so it may go to your desktop when you don’t want it to.