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I am configuring my asterisk server as below scenario

Jisi—-> Astrisk—–>Analog PBX—–> Phones

For that I have Asterisk Server 1.8.1 in my PC

Digium card in my PC
TDM2400P with 5 Red (FXO) module

I install dahdi and modprobe in my system. After that i configured chan_dahdi.conf file as follow

; General options
usecallerid=yes hidecallerid=no callwaiting=yes threewaycalling=yes transfer=yes echocancel=yes echocancelwhenbridged=yes rxgain=0.0

;FXO Modules group=1
echocancel=yes signalling=fxs_ks context=Incoming channel=1-24

Now when i am doing module reload chan_dahdi.so it gives output

soip*CLI> module reload chan_dahdi.so
— Reloading module ‘chan_dahdi.so’ (DAHDI Telephony Driver)
== Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf’: == Found
== Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/users.conf’: == Found
[Nov 1 18:27:12] WARNING[5520]: chan_dahdi.c:17278 process_dahdi:
Ignoring any changes to ‘signalling’ (on reload) at line 16.
[Nov 1 18:27:12] ERROR[5520]: chan_dahdi.c:16176 build_channels: Unable to reconfigure channel ‘1-24’
[Nov 1 18:27:12] WARNING[5520]: chan_dahdi.c:17955 reload: Reload of chan_dahdi.so is unsuccessful!

i do not know why!! Any help appreciate to remove this error and get module load for further configuration.

Thanks a lot

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  • [stuff deleted]

    Five FXO modules is only 20 channels, so try changing channel=1-24
    in your chan_dahdi.conf to channel=1-20
    and see if this works.

    Obvious question: Why are you using 20 analogue lines, a.o.t. a single E1
    ISDN line?

  • it happened to me once, make sure dahdi is on;
    /etc/init.d/dahdi restart

    Also Chckconfig dahdi on

    If all fails, I had to re-install dahdi, and Asterisk should not be a big deal,

    cd /usr/lib/asterisk/
    mv modules ./old-modules-backup

    And re-install Asterisk, make sure you backup your current Asterisk Files, then restore them once you re-install Asterisk. That was my solution!


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