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are there any known reasons why Asterisk would disconnect random calls ?

My server uses 1,5 GB out of 8 GB RAM
My server uses up to 35% CPU at peak There are about 40 concurrent calls. I have 300 RTP-ports available.

I just see the call ending, as if one of the connected parties hung up but that is not the case !

So what could be a bottleneck ? Any known reasons for random hangup ?

Kind regards, Jonas.

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  • Maybe I need to explain a bit further : the call is send to the IP-phone and answered. The call lasts for about 1

  • Pure SIP.

    Hangupcause 16

    Dialstatus Answer

    It has nothing to do with the provider-side.

    Kind regards. Jonas.

  • You could narrow it down by inspecting the SIP packets for the call in question (using wireshark or Asterisk sip debugging) and seeing which end issues a BYE packet–if either one does.

    Also, typically you only have contact with one end of a call (your users) so it’s very hard to say that something didn’t happen on the other end (somewhere out in the wild, where people drive through tunnels).

    PS, Sorry for the late reply… I haven’t checked the list in a week.

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  • It is Asterisk that sends the BYE. I wouldn’t know why. It has nothing to do with tunnels and so…