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Does anybody here have experience using Asterisk as an FXO to emulate a E1/T1/PRI line for test purpose?

Gateway or PCI card?

Thank you!


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  • Yes, we use a TE410P to connect to an E1 (ISDN-30) line, and also to an Eicon Diva card (which itself is meant to connect to an E1) in a server running Hylafax. It all works beautifully, with outgoing faxes being routed over the phone network and incoming calls on the fax number directed to the server.

    You just need to specify

    signalling = pri_net

    and a suitable default context in the appropriate span in your chan_dahdi.conf. (You might want to use NoOp(${EXTEN}) in your first iteration of this default context, just to see exactly how the called number is getting sent through from the CPE.)

    (pri_cpe is Customer Premises Equipment — i.e., something such as you would plug into the box provided by your telco; pri_net is NETwork — i.e., a box such as a telco might provide.)