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Hello list.

I am facing a small problem when I try to run a macro that is in AEL
through extensions.conf. I’m by applying “Macro ()” invoking the macro, but it always generates this message:

[09.20.2012 10:43:23] WARNING [28923] app_macro.c: No such context
‘macro-dialout-trunk-building-custom-hook’ for macro

And the macro is created like this:

macro-dialout-trunk-building {hook
Noop (— Hi)

I’ve tried to modify the macro name to “macro-dialout-trunk-building-hook”
me but the asterisk generates the following error:

[09.20.2012 11:19:10] WARNING [2721] app_macro.c: Context
‘macro-dialout-trunk-building-hook’ for macro ‘dialout-trunk-building-hook’
lacks ‘s’ extension, priority 1

I really do not know what else to do … I’m even thinking of creating this macro in conf, not only did it because she still has more than 500 lines.

I use FreePBX and Asterisk 1.8

Someone has a similar problem? Can anyone give me a help?

Thanks in advance!