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I am using iax2 trunks between asterisk servers and am having a callerid problem. We are using realtime sip clients distributed between multiple servers. Only in test now but have run into a calleeid problem – the name of the called party is not displayed if the called party is on a different server, it works if the called party is on the same server.

On each server sip clients show calleeid on calls but if the caller is between servers calleeid doesn’t work. Callerid is working fine though.

A call from a SIP client on asterisk2 to asterisk3. All phones are snom

Any ideas or suggestions appreciated.

iax.conf (asterisk2 10.6.1)

bandwidth=high allow=all shrinkcallerid=no

type=friend username=asterisk2
secret=secret host.101.0.3
context=incoming sendani=yes trunk=yes

iax.conf (asterisk3 11.0.0-beta1)

bandwidth=high allow=all shrinkcallerid=no

type=friend username=asterisk3
secret=secret host.101.0.2
context=incoming sendani=yes trunk=yes

Cheers Stephen Collier

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  • Stephen Collier wrote:

    We keep an mysql database of all extensions (Fax2Email) that I use to do a lookup against the destination extension and then set the phone to display the name.


  • Doug,

    Thanks, that answers my question I will reuse the macro I’m using with an Avaya connection and CONNECTEDLINE(). Pity I was hoping iax2 would transfer callee id.

    Cheers Stephen