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I recently rebooted by Asterisk server, MySQL (via ODBC) is also installed on the same machine. After rebooting, Asterisk didn’t connect via ODBC, I
assume that MySQL wasn’t yet running when Asterisk tried to connect. So, how to tell Asterisk to automatically retry to connect via ODBC on failures? And is there a way to start MySQL before Asterisk? Thanks 🙂

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  • Thank you Doug, I tried that, but it doesn’t have the expected effect. I
    set it to 1 second and restarted, no ODBC connection according to “odbc show”. After a “reload” Asterisk is connected though.

    2012/8/31 Doug Lytle

  • Anyone having any idea? Can post more details like my config etc. later, but if someone has an idea now… let me know, thanks!

    2012/8/31 Stefan at WPF

  • Stefan at WPF wrote:

    With my Asterisk 10 setup, the initial connect may fail and then it does a retry and succeeds. I also have a 1.4x system setup that does the same.

    I guess you can start with the contents of (Please disguise any passwords):



  • Doug, if necessary I could change, just tell me, what you use, meaybe the easiest solution 😉

    2012/9/3 Doug Lytle