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I’m banging my head on FreePBX 2.10 setup with which a SIP hardphone can subscribe to some Freepbx-generated hints and still cannot subscribe to other Freepbx-generated hints (404 Not Found). I would be very curious to learn here a bit more about how Asterisk 1.8
(and above) deals with hint statements.

Is it recommanded to group hint statements together in dedicated context or alternatively use patterns like:
exten => 1234,hint,Custom:Foobar1234
exten => 1234,1,Noop(Dialing 1234)
exten => 1234,n,

What’s the upside-downside of both methods ?


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  • PS: Another question

    Let my system is configured with 2 hints like this :
    *2711@timeconditions-toggle: Custom:TC11
    State:InUse Watchers 0
    6452@ext-local :
    SIP/6452 State:Unavailable Watchers 0

    Let say I cannot touch the files in which those 2 instructions are set:
    exten => *2711,hint,Custom:TC11

    exten => 6452,hint,SIP/6452

    Then what can I do allow a given SIP phone to successfully subscribe to both hints ?

  • extensions.conf:

    include => timeconditions-toggle include => ext-local



    subscribecontext can be the same as context, or not. Largely a matter of preference and circumstance, I suppose.