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I’m trying to get my Asterisk 11 test box set up with XMPP, having troubles with JabberSend().

My jabber.conf file is as follows:
debug=no autoprune=no

type=client serverhost=my.jabber.server username=myaccount@my.jabber.server secret=mypassword port=jabberport usetls=yes usesasl=yes

xmpp show connections gives the following output from the console:
testasterisk11*CLI> xmpp show connections Jabber Users and their status:
[testaccount] – Connected

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    The underlying issue here (finger didn’t hit shift to turn 2 into @) has been fixed in Asterisk 11 as of revision 371518. You can grab that specific fix from subversion, grab Asterisk 11 from subversion, or wait for the next beta. It’s a minor change. Sorry for the inconvenience!


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