AstLinux 1.0.4 Released

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The AstLinux Team is happy to announce the release of 1.0.4.

New in this release:

Asterisk 1.4.44 and

DAHDI, dahdi-linux 2.6.1 and dahdi-tools 2.6.1

— wanpipe, version bump to 3.5.27

— rhino, version bump to 0.99.6b2. Support is now enabled again by default.

— libPRI, upstream patch to add layer 2 persistence option to customize the layer 2 behavior on BRI PTMP lines. (Thanks to Michael Keuter)

— PHP version bump to 5.3.14 to address security issues.

— Security fixes for OpenSSL

— miniupnpd added (disabled by default) to support Universal Plug and Play. (Many thanks to David Kerr)

— mtr added. Network diagnostic tool that combines ping and traceroute.

— Updates to the web interface including the addition of a MeetMe tab, firewall enhancements and UPnP support.

For the complete changelog and to download the install images go to the following pages:

The AstLinux Team