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I used to install asterisk on debian squeeze with digium repository. The last build of asterisk available is Is this repository discontinued ?


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  • Since leaving Digium they have become unmaintained. If you are interested in helping out, you might want to reach out to #asterisk-dev or asterisk-dev mailing list.

  • Matt Jordan has been working on getting it sorted out, but we only have so much time and resources. Anyone who wants to step up and help out, don’t be shy! As Paul said: #asterisk-dev or asterisk-dev mailing list.

  • Can anybody clarify the current situation with packages?

    The wiki says they stopped being supported in March 2012:

    but a) it’s not clear if it is talking about the hosted packages or the hosted packages b) the hosted .deb packages appear to be updated in November 2012
    c) Debian 7 was released with Asterisk 1.8 at the beginning of May 2013, that means it is supported as long as Debian 7 is current + 1 year
    (approximately 3 years total)
    d) Ubuntu appears to be carrying 1.8 in their best-efforts supported
    “universe” catalog

    Furthermore, I notice that on RHEL6 has Asterisk
    11 packages but Debian/Ubuntu (pool directory) still has 1.8

    Having a look at Debian’s PTS, I found that Asterisk 11 packaging is a work-in-progress, it may be possible for people to obtain it from Debian’s SVN or git and build packages with dpkg-buildpackage

  • Daniel Pocock wrote:

    There has been no change in the situation. The Debian packages have not been updated. The packages are done by others, so I can’t speak on that.