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Does anyone have any experience of connecting SIP phones to an asterisk
server through the 2701HGV router that BT supply with their Infinity

Thanks in Advance


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  • Good luck with that.

    The BT ‘Home Hub’ and ‘Business Hub’ routers they supply with retail
    ADSL and FTTC products seem to have a very poorly written SIP ALG in
    them that cannot be disabled [0] easily. This seems to play havoc with
    any attempt to hook up SIP devices – even just one handset.

    [0] I have read that it’s possible to disable the ALG through a telnet
    session to the router, but it’s somewhat fiddly and doesn’t always
    ‘stick’ – so has to be repeated whenever the router is restarted. In my
    experience it’s far easier just to replace the router with something

  • Hi Chris

    That’s pretty much what I suspected…
    Mind you, we’ve had some success with the business hub recently, the
    home hub is still impossible to use.